Wart removal: My results after 7 months | Pictures & facts

How do warts work?

There are many types of warts. These warts are usually very small. The most common are round, white warts. Most of them are easily cured by the same topical treatment. However, warts may be spread through other means, such as through sexual intercourse, the bite of a tick, or a cut or wound that a tick or tick bite caused.

The treatment of these warts may not be as effective as a topical treatment. The first step in the treatment is to get rid of the infection. Then, a topical ointment or cream is applied. Sometimes the ointment or cream needs to be applied multiple times throughout the wound. When there is a sore, the cream is rubbed in a circular motion. It also may be applied twice daily to all of the affected parts of the wart, but it is best to keep the affected wart under control. The skin is left dry, and there is a slight burning sensation. The patient then must apply a bandage or wrap to the wart at least four times a day. There may be a pain in the skin, but it can be relieved by covering the wart.

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